Monday, August 12, 2013

Google YouTube Removes 3 Adult Ratings 2 for Breasts and 1 Dr Andrew Fagelman Delita Hooks Menaces Me Punches me Video!

Google YouTube Removes Adult Rating on 911 Corruption YouTube
2nd video down in the pink bra!  I can't believe it!  I am in shock!

911 Tech Corruption the 2nd YouTube down with the pink bra!  I am not showing half as much as Lady Gaga, Madonna and P!NK and the Dr Andrew Fagelman Violent Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of medical reception desks savage assault and she lied YouTube got it's adult rating for violence removed too!

Google YouTube Removes Adult Rating E-Burka: CityTime Crime Vid Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won More Blacked Out News!

Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won More Blacked Out News!

Activist Louis Flores created the term "E-Burka" and I am stunned to learn today that Google YouTube removed the E-Burka on this YouTube.

Thanks to all that wrote Google on my behalf!!!!!!

I just wrote Google Legal one more time pointing out now I am a partner and asking them to remove the adult rating on three YouTubes and they did!

I want to cry.  I am in shock.

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The Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks his  receptionist office manager violently attacking me I told Google YouTube that age rating it was also a human rights violation as well as censorship and all my work political so they were censoring political actions by me while their Ad Sense company was and is using ads like this...

Ad Sense Ad violated Google YouTube Ad Sense rules

I want to cry it has been so long.

My Justice cards tell People the video of Delita Hooks punching me was age rated for violence and now today it is no longer rated for violence so I have yet another chance to push this video viral.

If only Wikipedia had the willingness to look at their own corrupt dealing and censorship...too date Wikipedia won't return the page on me being censored but said go make another one.  The page documented Wiki's very own censorship of me so maybe that was why Wikipedia quickly deleted the page when it was cyber vandalized.