Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wikipedia Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Deleted after Cyber Stalking Attack

Kosten Frosch of Wiki on the side of misogynist racists who takes issue with my anti-Rape work focusing on NYPD, Chad Seigel, Joe Tacopina, DSK and African American men, my extensive work on Giuseppi Logan, the inclusion of my work in the Documentary on Jimmy McMillian all removed?

In my opinion Kosten Frosch a misogynist bias not very bright Wiki rep. 

Was it the NYPD Det John Vergona Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks cyber stalker who recently illegally had 2 YouTubes deleted the first one "Det John Vergona Delita Hooks Assaulted me, false cross complaint no arrest--- or Joe Tacopina who I have heard the worst things that I have not published -- or is it Bloomberg Quinn as Christine Quinn's dummies made their presence known on the NY Mag article outing Quinn as booed down on Term Limits and the Wiki page is about being removed from Google YouTube because I was and am a critic on Term Limits so Wiki deleting a page on Censorship with so many bogus Wiki pages alive and well and Bloomberg flunkies wiki pages laughable so inaccurate.

Right before the 2 YouTubes came down I was told I am crazy and that the lawsuits against the NYPD will go no where.  Well folks the NYPD involved are going to get served and if it goes no where there will be a legal document proving the Justice system failed but what coincidence 2 YouTubes were illegally wrongly deleted by cyber stalker, the Wiki page is cyber attacked with the same message I was getting on YouTube cyber stalked on behalf of the very violent Delita Hooks and her employer Dr. Andrew Fagelman and the NYPD that were involved in fixing the crime.  Recently I was wondering if Dr. Fagelman had a special relationship with certain NYPD officers and look what gets removed from my Wiki page on being censored that I did not create.



To Wiki:

Do you have someone who is not bias racist misogynist to investigate?

2 NY Times articles, Getty Images of Rape protest  against DSK and NYPD rape cops published around the works including South American magazine etc removed 

Can you find any editor with Integrity to investigate. When this happens with Google YouTube I eventually get apologized for my work deleted. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Wiki Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Defaced by Cyber Stalker NYPD Rape Joe Tacopina Chad Seigel DSK Removed

Wiki Page on Suzannah B. Troy Censorship Defaced by Cyber Stalker

Dr. Fagelman's Delita Hooks Assaulting Me picked up by Your Office World