Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Google 2 YouTube Returns Videos A Cyber Assault Attack launched perhaps by 01 Precinct cop and or friend of corrupt cops and dr. andrew fagelman delita hooks? I got my work back -- it took way too long but Google YouTube returns my work

Read the above link and look the very bottom to see how many videos have been removed since I joined youtube and how long they were wrongly removed by cyber stalking cowards.  Welcome to YouTubeland.

It was an Olympic effort.  The first YouTube exposed  Det. John Vergona took 12 hours to get back with a slanderous notice where the video exposed corruption as well as a violent assault had been.  Delita Hooks was not fired or arrested.  The video clearly shows the beginning of the assault and I have medical reports to prove how badly she harmed me because I just stood there for three physical assaults to my body before I finally defended myself.

The 2nd YouTube was flagged Friday and took 6 days.  I got an email at 6:30 am my work was taken down by mistake aka cyber stalker with the goal to menace me, slander me, goes emotional distress -- it is like Delita Hooks Dr. Fagelman and Det. John Vergona and pals took their show on the road via cyber stalking?

"Google YouTube Returns my Work Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks Vid provesviolent assault MD and NYPD role Delita Hooks not arrested or fired!"

February Tuesday 19th to Wed. 26th 6:30 am my 2 YouTubes part of this playlist where wrongfully deleted.

I was falsely reported -- slandered and lied about yet again...seems Delita Hooks and Det. Vergona are good at doing that when it comes to my name?

Do I think the cyber stalking menacing from 01 Precinct related to NYPD Det. John Vergona and Delita Hooks Dr. Fagelman?

Yes that is my opinion.
The first YouTube removed was the one with Det. Vergona's name on it correctly exposed Det. John Vergona Delita Hooks Assault False Cross the complaint the video clearly proves the words in the title and no arrest.

The day before I was harassed by in my opinion another NYPD officer or someone close to all of the above -- said the same words to me the NYPD public member said to me when I reported the assault --"this will go no where" and the cyber stalker called me a name that described him and said of my 2 lawsuits against the NYPD they will go no where.

Maybe every cop at the 01 says that for some reason?

Well I called up 01 and left a message for Capt Timoney the new commander and I left a voice mail for Internal Affairs and than suddenly the cyber stalking on behalf of the corrupt cops, Dr. Fagelman and Delita Hooks stopped for now.

Do I think Dr. Fagelman and Delita Hooks got fixing and favors from the 01?
Yes in my opinion and they are not alone.

Google gave me my work back. 
See the link above -- see this link as well that tells you about the first time evil cyber stalking bullies on behalf of Mike Bloomberg removed my entire channel.

That time I got an apology and my work back in 28 hours.  

This time it took way too long and I felt like Google was the Chinese government....but funny Google YouTube did do the right thing.