Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Suzannah B. Troy Will NOt Be Quieted post incase it is removed

Suzannah B. Troy Will Not Be Quiet(ed)

The YouTube account for one of Michael Bloomberg’s most prolific, and eccentric, critics has been suspended.
Suzannah B. Troy, a resident of the West Village who has made dozens of minute-long videos criticizing Bloomberg for extending term limits and promoting development projects throughout the city, thinks the fix is in.
“YouTube suspended my entire account which was over 300 movies,” wrote in an email this afternoon. “ My last YouTube was David Yassky breaks the law again where a support puts his posters illegally on a light pole. I reported his and other politicians breaking the law to 311 and he and others should get fined.”
Troy said that she has contacted civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel for assistance.
“As usual I believe it was a violation of my freedom of speech,” she wrote.
Except for her attire (mostly tank tops), Troy’s video commentaries are pretty quotidian anti-Bloomberg material. Troy said he’s already working on establishing a new account on YouTube and reposting her videos.
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