Saturday, November 24, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy's YouTubes recognized by The New York Times

The youtubes Leland refers to right off the bat are mine.   The NYT photo of me is so beautiful I am grateful.

The article where I felt really acknowledged was Pete Gershon "Signal to Noise" publisher -- he wrote "Out from the Shadow"   Again to be acknowledged rather than erased --- a guy from another record label actually tried to erase me and use me at the same I am recognized in this link.

The New York Times Suzannah Troy Josh Rechnitz

The Mysterious Mr. Rechnitz by David Goodman

That strategy has not always worked in his favor. News media outlets looking for a photograph of Mr. Rechnitz after the announcement resorted to one of the only pictures they could find: an image of Mr. Rechnitz, hair sticking out from under a knitted cap, taken from a 2009 video interview.
Mr. Rechnitz had tried to get the video taken down before and after the announcement, said Suzannah B. Troy, 50, an artist who shot the clip and posted it on YouTube. “I’d appreciate it if you would please take that video down,” he wrote to her in July in an e-mail, which she provided to The New York Times. “It’s a pretty unflattering shot the media grabbed from the video.”
She refused. “It’s authentic; you look like a Williamsburg hipster,” she remembered telling him. (Ms. Connelly later released a more buttoned-up studio portrait.)

Here is the photo -- look I have photo credit.